That 70’s Show


Emma Coleman

Nicole sneaking in an episode during break time.

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter

A show I have recently gotten involved with is “That 70’s Show”. My friend recommended it to me and after watching just one episode, I was hooked.

From the intro song to the inappropriate humor, this show is one of the best. One reason is the characters. That sounds broad but these characters are different than any show I have seen.

They are a group of young friends growing up in the 70’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the main characters, Eric, is basically who all of the other characters revolve around, mainly because they hang out in his basement and smoke weed.

Eric’s dad is extremely hard on Erick and pretty much everyone, except for his trouble-making daughter, Laurie, who has brainwashed him to believe she is an angel.

Eric’s mother, Kitty, is known for her obnoxious laugh which according to anyone who watches the show is iconic and adds even more humor.

Between all of the seasons, the group of teens are in romantic relationships with many different people, some in the same friend group which adds even more drama.

As many people know, the 70’s was a lot different than today in almost every aspect.

One of the things I admire about the show and the characters is the fact that no matter what happens they stick together. Unlike today where one tiny rumor can ruin an entire friendship, these characters go through thick and thin and always manage to smile in the end.

I know this is just a show but it means so much more to me. It is my escape from reality. When I watch this show I enter their world of having fun and enjoying life. I encourage anyone that has some free time and likes inappropriate humor to watch this show.