Being a senior in a freshman gym class

Lauren Litsinger, Reporter


Even though my friends make fun of me, being a senior in gym isn’t terrible. My teacher treats me like an aid so I end up doing whatever I want. For example, if I want to play volleyball with the class that day, I have the choice to — or if I would rather do homework I can sit in the locker room and get that done. No matter what I do I still get a 100 percent every quarter.

The only part of being in that class that bothers me is when the freshman make fun of me. Saying things like “Did you fail one of your classes, is that why you’re here.” While laughing in my face. Little do they know I could fail them on all of their quizzes. If someone who didn’t go to our school were to look at the freshman this year, they would think that the kids in my gym class were still in middle school. Which makes the fact that when they insult me they have to look up at me so amusing.

It’s fun beating them in the games they take so seriously, like Mat Ball and Handball; especially when they get graded on their performance and my team just beat the ones who make fun of me 21-8 in volleyball.

I enjoy being the only senior in gym class, I get the chance to be a kid again.