Brady’s Banter: PSAT


Brady McGee, Reporter

After reading countless paragraphs, solving numerous algebraic equations, and four hours later, the PSAT is over. Now comes the real fun, the memes on the internet about it.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition after the PSAT for jokes to flood the internet, making fun of the passages we are forced to read.

Twitter is the main hotspot for these memes and by using the #PSAT, you can be a part of these memes. The reason these jokes are so funny is because everyone can relate to them, all across the country.

Another reason I find these memes to be hilarious is because the confidentiality they force on us that is blatantly ignored. We have to copy a statement saying how we will keep the questions confidential then not even an hour later jokes about them are all over the internet.

What does College Board expect when they make us read about real artisans and toad fish being hunted by dolphins?