School Stress


Kelly Wesolowski

Kelly Wesolowski (’17) takes statistics and probability as one of her seven classes this year. She does her math homework nightly in order to make sure that she stays on top of the topics taught in class.

Kelly Wesolowski, Reporter


I have pretty much the same routine every day during the school year. Wake up, go to school, go to cross country or track practice, go home, eat, do homework and then crash in my bed. It’s repetitive.

By the time I get home every night—around 5:30— I’m exhausted, because for some reason my body still hasn’t adapted to this routine even though we have now been in school for over a month. I get home, sit in my room and think about all of the work I still have to do before the night is over. “Oh, I have math homework. Crap, I have an anatomy test tomorrow,” I think to myself while I’m really just longing to take a nap. Somehow I still manage to get up off my butt and get it all done—but sometimes it gets stressful as some days when I get home I just want to be able to relax. And on top of this work I still have college essays to finish, ugh.

I guess one good thing about this whole ‘A day, B day’ schedule is that I have Thursday nights to relax, that is if I do my Wednesday night homework. Since I won’t have my Thursday classes again until Monday, it gives me a night off from homework if I choose to take that break. However, that just means more piled onto my already busy weekend.

Luckily, I’m a senior and I have one more year of this routine. Some probably laugh when I say that because college is just as, and maybe even more exhausting than high school, especially when you are going to play a division 1 sport on top of the academic part. But I’m just happy with a change in scenery and routine. I’m excited to mix things up a little even though I will still have that every day school stress.