Fantasy Owners Glad Net Incident Happened?

Hugh Lory, Reporter

Two weeks ago when the Giants played the Vikings, Odell Beckham JR. punched the kicker net and it came back to hit him in the face. That game against the Vikings, Beckham got only two fantasy points in a standard scoring league, this had fantasy owners furious. The next week against the Packers Beckham racked up five receptions with 56 yards and a touchdown, after his touchdown he went over to the kicker net and hugged it, apologizing for his previous actions. To me this is a nice apology to the net and the league. The big news is that Beckham scored two touchdowns, with 222 yards, on 8 receptions against the Ravens. Could this be because he apologized to the net, did the net uplift its curse on Odell, and he can now be the player he once was? During his best game of the year, Odell proposed to the net. Could this mean big things in the upcoming games for him? If he got those stats for just hugging the net, what kind of stats will he get after proposing to it? If I owned Odell in fantasy I would be looking at a 50 plus point games, and hopefully his relationship with the net doesn’t break up, because if it does, you’re looking at the biggest breakup of the year, and his fantasy points will decrease rapidly because the net will once again curse Odell Beckham JR.