Charlotte Riots

Anna Jerrems

Police officer brutality, riots and the increasing number of unjustified deaths all are sweeping the nation and creating friction between communities.

The newest story is still under investigation and is receiving a negative backlash towards police. 43-year-Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed outside of an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Police claim that he got out of his car armed, pointed his gun at the officers and then refused to drop his weapon. Officers say that he disregarded their multiple verbal requests to drop his weapon.

Family members of Scott say that he was in the car reading a book while waiting for his son to get off of the school bus.

I think that these discriminations have been occurring for centuries but now because of social media specific situations are finally being brought to light. It’s about time that the world can finally see what truly goes on behind closed doors.

The corruption of power that our local heroes possess plus the inappropriate remarks and actions made towards these officers adds up to a social paradox.

The riots and protests have blown out of proportion and have sparked a new revolution. With every new horrific case being brought to light, the fear of violent protests lingers in the air.

With constant impending threats from foreign nations and our lack of cooperation with middle-eastern governments, a civil war is the last thing our country needs. It’s an essential balance that needs to be met—police must do their jobs with integrity while all people must respect and trust