Homecoming’s horrible changes


Photo provided by: Tori Wenzl

A group of senior girls are taking pictures before homecoming. They smiled for the camera.

Tori Wenzl , Social Media Editor

Why would Hereford hold a dance but then not sell enough tickets for the every student to attend? Why would Hereford change the location of a dance if it couldn’t accommodate everyone?  Especially after an entire week of spirit week, games, and hallway decorating which encourages everyone to participate in.

There are around 1200 kids in the school and we usually sell 900 tickets. This year they could only sell around 800 tickets because they moved the dance into the cafeteria. Since they made that change, after participating in the entire spirit week, already buying my dress and getting my nails done, I wasn’t able to buy a ticket to my senior homecoming.

There has never been a problem with homecoming tickets in the past. Student Council should allow only Hereford students to attend because kids from other schools were able to attend Hereford’s homecoming and many of Hereford’s students couldn’t even go.

I wasn’t the only one, my friend Maddie and Caroline both couldn’t get a ticket. We had our entire night already planned out and we figured out everything before we found out we couldn’t go. We weren’t going to this issue ruin our night so we got ready and took pictures as if we were going to homecoming.

Although I didn’t get a ticket, I still had a fun night with my friends before and after the dance. On the bright side, I didn’t have to deal with the smelly, sweaty kids that are horrible at dancing or the bad music.


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