Pinterest inspires DIY craft projects, recipes

Maddie McGee and Rebecca Schmidt

Can’t think of an outfit to wear? Unsure if that crazy braid is properly executed? Trying to make a unique dessert for that Super Bowl party? The website Pinterest may just be the answer.

     Pinterest is one of the newest and most popular additions to the world of social media. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest is a rapidly growing website with over 11 million hits per week. The average pinner has 2,757 pins and 35 boards that range from clothes and beauty to travel and photography. Hereford students have gone crazy for the site, and frequently pin outfits, recipes, and beauty and home décor ideas.

     After users sign up for the site, they create virtual bulletin boards where they “repin” pictures that fit the theme of the board. One of the most frequently created boards by students is Women’s Fashion. Emily Palumbo (10) often repins clothing and uses the site because “[she has] no idea what to wear in the morning.”

     Pinterest features a plethora of DIY crafts and recipes, which students have experimented with. According to the website Repinly, 9.6% of items repinned are craft ideas and 11.1% of items repinned are Food and Drink. Emily Arnold (11) made an apple pie with a recipe she found on Pinterest. She said that “it turned out really well” and that she would definitely make another dessert she found on the site again.

     But maybe not all of the recipes are so easy to make. Emily tried to make an edible cookie dough recipe that she repinned. It seemed easy to make and the picture made the snack look very appetizing. However, when it was ready to eat, it wasn’t as good as she had hoped. “It tasted like crap!” she said. Nevertheless, she’s willing to try again. “I saw a recipe for a brownie in a mug that I’m planning on making. I hope it turns out this time though.”

     Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle for prom or just feel like creating a board of your dream vacation, Pinterest may just be what you need.