Ready2Drive opens in Hereford


Photo provided by Jason Tillman

Now that Time to Drive is closed Ready2Drive has now opened. People can now learn how to drive without having to go to far from their homes.

Sierra Webb, Reporter

The new driving school is officially open for business! The Ready2Drive school is already scheduling drive times, and for the teens who didn’t complete all their drive times before the old business called Ready2Drive promises that all student drivers who didn’t complete their full hours of driving will be guaranteed to do so at the new company. The owner of the company, Jason Tillman, opened his business in 2013 and has a main office in Glen Burnie near the Maryland Vehicle Administration.

“We are ready to help students complete the process that they started with the driving school that went out of business,” Tillman said.

Students have recently been scheduling drive times right after school to get them out of the way so that they can get their licenses as soon as possible. Although many student drivers can not wait to hop in their car and drive to the nearest Chick-fil-A or Chipotle, some student drivers are still a little nervous to drive with the new company

“I’m nervous to drive because I heard they put their hands on the mirror and ask you how many cars are behind you,” Brie Nabet (’18) said.

Nabet had no problem signing up for courses online and is eager to get her drive times and drivers education classes finished.

“Yeah, I was nervous,” Matt Ryan (’18) said. “One of the guys always picked out everything I did, but he also gave me a lot of advice.”

Ryan finished all of his two hour drive times and recently got his license last week.

With the previous driving school “Time to Drive” many student drivers lost their money when the company shut down and did not inform any of the students who were paying to take their drive times.

“They didn’t call my family and we heard from other people around the school that they closed,” Anna Nash (’18) said. “My mom called the people and all their phones were disconnected, so my mom ended up calling the MVA and they said they weren’t in business anymore.”

Nash lost 500 dollars in total and was not payed back, she also had to pay an extra 160 dollars for another drive time at a different location.