2018 and 2019 classes sell lanyards to raise funds


Will Amos

Caroline Diaz (’19) and Jon Wancowicz (’18) wear special lanyards for their class. All money from the lanyards will go to class funds.

Starting this year all BCPS students and faculty must wear ID cards during the school day. Each ID card comes with its own blue, BCPS lanyard.

The new policy has created opportunities for classes to raise funds, so the classes of 2018 and 2019 are now selling special lanyards tailored to their class.

“I know nobody wants to wear their BCPS IDs so we need a fashionable way to wear them,” Junior Class President Liam Fox (’18) said. “I mean who doesn’t want a Class of 2018 lanyard.”

“Since we have to wear our BCPS ID cards at all times we thought it would be a great idea to start selling lanyards,” Sophomore Class Treasurer Phoebe Kurniawan (’19) said.

The 2018 lanyards will be sold all year for two dollars in M225. The 2019 lanyards will be sold until Sep 16 depending on how many people buy them. You can buy them in the lobby for three dollars or you can buy two for five.

“It’s cool; we get to raise funds for a better prom for a cheaper price,” Junior Class VP John Talbott (’18) said. “Hopefully [the class’ response] is very positive and we hope that people realize that the money goes to our class.”

“I think people will buy the lanyards because it will benefit the class and helps raise funds for our Senior Picnic and our Prom,” Kurniawan said.

The ultimate goal of the class lanyards is to raise more money for the class events such as picnic and prom.