Grace’s Gossip: “Finstas”

Grace Clarke, Reporter

People do whatever they can to rack up likes and gain new followers on Instagram. They whiten their teeth, fix blemishes, and even add makeup just so their followers will like their picture. It’s crazy. But now there is a new trend known as Finstas where people don’t have to do these absurd things.

Finstas, which are fake Instagrams, are absolutely hilarious. On these accounts, people can post the ugly photos with Snapchat filters or crazy videos that they would never post on their real Instagrams.

Usually they don’t have that many followers, so nothing holds people back from posting the weirdest things. Whether it’s a fail video or a face swap, these accounts never fail to make me laugh. Finstas allow people to post what they want, without fearing that people will judge them or make fun of them. Since most of the followers are just friends and trustworthy people there is no reason to rethink posting a hideous selfie.

A great part about them is the username. People often incorporate their first name, last name, and something random to make an awesome name. Some examples would be @swattteam__ if you have a last name Watt or @greeneggs.and.han if your name is Hannah.

Next time you are on Instagram, follow some Finstas for a good laugh.