Look at life with Lauren: End Puppy Mills

Lauren Litsinger, Reporter

Just Puppies is one of the best places on Earth, not only is it an adoption center but the store offers pens for you to pick two puppies and play with them. But this place isn’t as happy as it seems. The Just Puppies chain is a puppy mill!!

What is a puppy mill you may be asking; at a certain age if the puppy isn’t adopted it is killed in harsh ways; starving, drowning, shooting, beating or burying the dogs alive are some the methods used. Living conditions in these puppy mills are just as awful. The dogs live in and around their urine and feces, being surrounded by this attracts bugs sometimes leading to the dogs getting infectious diseases.

Multiple organizations are coming together to help puppy mills but so far not much is being done. Protestors may stand outside of the puppy mills but many still go inside contributing to the mills profit while they ruthlessly murder these innocent dogs.

Joining one of these organizations to help fight this battle is just one of the many ways you can help puppy mills from spreading. Knowing your states breeding and selling laws and warning state and federal legislators can help to end these puppy mills.


  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Companion Animal Protection Society
  • Prisoners of Greed