Game 3 is do or die for the Cavs

Hugh Lory, Reporter


The NBA Finals have kicked off, with the Warriors taking a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. With the first two games over, the Warriors have one of the largest scoring difference in Finals history, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers by a combining 48 points in the first two games, and 33 points in game two single-handedly.

Game two was a disaster for the Cavs. It was so bad, both teams pulled all their starters in the beginning of the fourth quarter. This was supposed to be the year Lebron and the Cavs got revenge on the reigning champions, but instead the splash bros and the Warriors have been making it look like you put a JV team up against the Varsity team.

I get the the Warriors have the better, deeper team then the Cavs but it shouldn’t be this bad. I speak for myself on this one, but I’d rather watch re-runs of last year’s finals then watch this year’s. It’s not just boring to watch, but a waste of time and money. Like, honestly, game two might be the first finals game that I have watched that people left early; the stands actually looked like a game in the middle of the season instead of the Finals. I would rather go see the 76ers play just to see if they can actually win a game.

Lebron can only do so much, the only thing I would put to blame on him, is not taking over the games like he did last year. He carried the Cavs last year in the Finals without Kyrie, and Kevin Love. That shows those two need to start pulling their own weight. They were supposed to be the next big three and instead they are just showing, how good the Miami Heat big three consisting of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh really were.