Lets Talk About “The Dab”


Hugh Lory, Reporter

Let’s talk about “The Dab.”  We have all seen it, and we have all attempted it, and if you’re a fan of Migos you listen about it; you know how they say “Look at my dab, look at my dab,” about a million times. This isn’t just a dance move—it’s now a movement.

You see the dab everywhere: the national spelling bee, at work, Snapchat stories, in school, and thanks to the creator Cam Newton whenever someone sneezes people think you are dabbing.

I don’t mind the dab at all—I like it—but when all someone does is just dab, it starts to get not just annoying, but shows your lack of creativity and you just look stupid. Think about how far the dab has come. It started with one touchdown celebration and moved to everyone doing it when they are in the spotlight.

I just wonder what the next movement like this is going to be because the dab absolutely out-did everything else. For example the nae nae, the whip, and, of course, the dougie. Once that next gesture comes, will it be as big as the dab? There’s a high chance that it won’t. The dab is worldwide and has caught the attention of everyone, and for something to even compete with the dab is so unlikely I could almost even bet on it.