Owl City’s album attempts a “Good Time”

Patrick Much

     Do you know what I like to hear when I listen to music? A 20-something-year-old who sings about “teenage” commodities (such as love, living, heartbreak, talking about pretty girls etc.) with the accompaniment of recorded instruments and electronic noises that sound similar to a cross between a computer having a heart attack and a synthesizer on crack.

     If you enjoy this type of music, then the new album The Midsummer Station by the artist Owl City is a perfect match for you. If not then well, frankly, that’s too bad for you, because this is obliviously the best music album that was ever released in the history of music ever.

     I feel as though the person behind this masterpiece (Adam Young) really understands how it is to be a teenager. Considering he’s around 26, he must completely comprehend today’s youth.

     This is most evident in one of the album’s hit singles “Good Time,” which also shows Young’s ability to make a track featuring a popular singer, in this case Carly Rae Jepsen, in an effort to make more money…I mean, make a more artistically inclined song. The song discusses, as the name suggests, Young’s idea of a “good time” which begins with him waking up in the morning and trying to figure out which Prince song is stuck in his head.

      This is something that ails us teenagers on a daily basis, and I’m glad Young is able to put it out there for everyone to hear. It’s a terrible affliction that needs to be cured to prevent the infection of (a) more Prince impersonators or (b) teenagers jumping out of their bedroom windows while holding their ears. The rest of the song details more fun-filled adventures teenagers engage in such as hailing a cab, going to an ATM, sleeping in their clothes, and singing lots of “woahs” and “ohs.”

     Now some may see this song as a generic, boring, and an utterly useless waste of creative space but what ultimately makes this song fantastic is the featured artist: that Carly girl from that one really popular song that everyone liked.

     As far as the other songs go, I simply do not remember what they were or what they were about because they are not hit singles featuring a famous person. But considering that this album is amazing altogether, I think that by default those other songs are amazing as well. If you wish to hear this terrific album that is totally better than anything you’ve ever listened to, look it up on Amazon, and be prepared to be blown away.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find the nearest window. I’ve had “Purple Rain” stuck in my head for five hours.