Over the summer, last year’s Envirothon team scored the highest on the county test, winning the county title. After winning Counties, the team went on to place seventh in the state.

     After learning all the material and participating in different activities, teams of six get together and are tested on what they have learned. The test consists of a written portion for each of the five subjects and an experiment. Afterward, the tests are sent in and graded by the professionals who helped teach the students on the field trips.

     Club advisor, Ms. Nancy Dinkins, said, “The team worked very hard all year long to beat 24 other teams from 17 different high schools.”

     As a member of the team, Rebecca Sparks (11) recommends that students join the club if they plan on pursuing a career involving the environment. She said, “It’s important to know the environment and understand what’s going on in it.”

     Throughout the year stdudents go on a series of field-trips and recieve hands-on training from a variety of different professionals.