Tall students say weather is fine

Hannah Pursley

How’s the weather up there? We all have at least one friend who towers over us. From sitting at desks to wearing short pants, we’re taking a look at life from a bird’s eye view.

Patrick Wetzelberger (12) enjoys being the height that he is because “women like tall guys,” and he can “reach higher things” and, in turn, be more helpful.

“I can see people easily if there are a lot of people in front of me,” Augie Morris (12) said.

Susan Tenberg (12) who is 5’10 has similar thoughts. “It’s pretty nice to look down on people sometimes, and I can reach things which is good.” Susan also said, “Sometimes it’s convenient to have long legs for running.” On a bad note, she said, “Sometimes it sucks because I’m taller than all the guys,” and “It’s really hard to find jeans.”

Hugh Huppman (11), nicknamed Hugh-mungous, said that he “doesn’t notice a lot of the time,” forgetting he’s so tall. “I’m probably better at basketball than I would be if I was smaller,” he said.

               Photo by William WheatleyAugie Morris (12) adjusts to sitting at desks that accomadate smaller students. He said, “They ought to make bigger desks.”
Photo by William Wheatley
Augie Morris (12) adjusts to sitting at desks that accomadate smaller students. He said, “They ought to make bigger desks.”


Ben Vantran (12), also a basketball player, said that being 6’7 definitely helps his game, but he doesn’t like that “People always ask [him] about it.”

There’s a trend going on here. Erin Bartenfelder (11), 5’1l and, another basketball player, said, “It’s pretty cool to be tall because I’ve played basketball for a while, and its fun being able to reach things.” Erin also said, “It’s hard to find jeans and pants that fit that aren’t awkwardly short.”

Long legs and athletic skills have their perks, but towering over your peers does have its disadvantages. “You get a lot of comments,” Hugh said. He also explained that in sports, “everybody wants you to be on their team, regardless of your actual skill.”

Patrick revealed how awkward it can be when talking to people. “It makes me think they’re scared of me because I’m bigger than they are,” he said.

The boys also explained that it’s much harder to find clothes. “I have to order special shirts to make sure they’re longer,” Patrick said.

Hugh also said, “Sometimes clothes don’t come in the sizes you want.”

Ultimately, towering over the rest sounds pretty nice and has a lot of advantages, as long as you aren’t too sensitive about the comments!