Joe Patti’s top three movie picks2016

This year is already shaping up to be great for movie fans around the world. From “Finding Dory” to “Warcraft,” 2016 is not going to be a year that lacks variety. 2016 is expected to have over 50 movies coming to a theatres.

After much research and trailer watching, I have my own list of movies I expect to be the biggest blockbusters of this year.

  1. Finding Dory

With the success of world-renowned “Finding Nemo” in 2003, Finding Dory can be successful with not only children, but adults as well. “Finding Dory” is a story about how Dory is on an adventure throughout the ocean to find her family. With “Finding Nemo” winning an Oscar, and being one of top ranked movies of its time, “Finding Dory” has very high expectations. With the voices of Stars like Ellen DeGeneres, this movie is going be nothing less than a huge hit.

2. Jungle Book 


“The Jungle Book” was a classic animated for our generation, and now that we are older they have made a more serious, life-like, graphic film that’s expected to be a blockbuster. The orphan boy who was raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves is back in a much more modern setting. A cast full of big-name actors like Bill Murray, and Scarlett Johansson can produce a movie for the ages.

3.Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is movie is what Batman and Superman fans have been waiting for, for years now. The two superheroes battle to be the hero of a crime-ridden city fearing for its existence. Coming out this March, fans cannot wait to see if these hero’s set aside their differences, or battle until the city falls.