NEHS edits Reedy’s novels


By Alex Toma

On January 13, National English Honor Society (NEHS) members edited science fiction novels by James Reedy (’18), a student author who has written five books since eighth grade each averaging about 60 to 90 pages.  Reedy reached out to NEHS because he writes in a style called block writing which is a method where the author writes continuously without adding paragraphs.  He asked NEHS members for assistance in separating his paragraphs.

“I am on the road to publication and I feel like if you are going to be on the road to publication, you need to start editing,” Reedy said. “I feel like the ball needs to start rolling now.”

Lauren Mckee (’16), secretary of NEHS, explained the motivation behind helping.

“NEHS decided to help with editing his works because NEHS is about improving the love of literature and language throughout the school and in order to do that you have to be open to the rest of the school,” McKee said.

Reedy’s longest book, “Whaling”, which he is still writing is more than 300 pages long and he predicts to add about 25 more chapters.

“[Writing] has always been a passion since I was a little kid,” Reedy said.  “In first grade I was determined I wanted to be an author when I grew up and I would write little stories back then.”