Baltimore County principals visit Hereford

About 40 principals from other Baltimore County schools came to Hereford on January 13, 2016. They roamed the halls and ventured into classrooms to see what the typical day at Hereford is.

Callie Simon (’17) was pleasantly surprised by their visit. “It was nice that they showed interest and asked genuine questions, and not just about what I was doing, but about the meaning behind [my artwork].”

Sarah Huffman (’17) had a different view on their arrival at the school. “I think it’s weird that they’re here. It’s really hectic for them to come because then all of the students have to be in good manners. They just kind of stared at us. And then they left.”

The art class had to type up paragraphs about their artwork so the principals could read about them. Grace Ebacher-Rini (’17) thought, “they probably didn’t even notice.”

Sandra Reid, a principal visiting, thought very highly of Hereford. “I am so overwhelmed. This is a beautiful school, it’s my first time here, even in the Hereford Zone. I’m impressed with the facilities, the construction is very sound, and exactly what I would have hoped it would be. Students are all very friendly and engaging. They’re all on task and doing what they need to be doing. It is a very, very impressive facility. [Visiting Hereford] has been the highpoint of my day.”

Peter Schwab (’16) told his opinion on the principals. He believes that the administration is “always trying to catch me riding dirty, always trying to catch me making mistakes.”

“Meanwhile Mrs. Bare is over here working overtime, fingers to the bone, and all they’re [principals] doing is scrutinizing. It’s messed up, it’s just wrong” Schwab said.

Multiple teachers were interviewed about they’re opinion on the principals, but declined to be interviewed.