Sour Patch Kids Craze

With Christmas right around the corner, many parents are looking for the perfect candy and toys to stuff their kids’ stockings with. Well, I’m here to tell those parents that the best possible thing to put in their kids’ stocking is Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids are a soft candy with a coating of citric acid and sugar, or as I refer to it, a coating of sour, sugary heaven. Sour Patch Kids are not only the most delicious candy on the Christmas market, they are also easy to carry and easy to eat.

Some people would argue that Swedish Fish or Mike & Ike are more favorable than Sour Patch Kids, but that is just flat out wrong. Do these people not understand that with
Swedish Fish, you only get one flavor, and with Mike & Ike, there is no sour coating on the candy? Now, some would also say that they don’t like sour candy. These people obviously shouldn’t have input on what is good candy and what isn’t because if you don’t like all types of candy, how can you tell which are actually good and which are actually bad?

Some students side with me and agree that Sour Patch Kids are the ultimate Christmas candy, while others believe that Sour Patch Kids are not, which after being separated from Christmas for over two weeks, I still cannot fathom.

“I like Sour Patch Kids because of the different flavors they have, and the fact that their commercials are always on point,” said Bryan DiVenanzio (’16).

Grace Pfarr (’16) agrees with Bryan, but for a different reason. “I like Sour Patch Kids, because they represent my personality, sour and then sweet, on a good day.”

However, Drew Toma (’16) believes Swedish Fish are the best. “Swedish Fish are my favorite because they’re chewy and they have a lot of sugar in them.”

I don’t understand the reasoning behind Drew’s comment and may never will, but trust me, if you are going to buy candy for Christmas or Easter or any other holiday, Sour Patch Kids are the way to go.