Mundie celebrates 50th birthday


By Grace Hunt

Math teacher, Tammie Mundie, was thrown a surprise party by her 2B class, AP A/B Calculus in celebration of her fiftieth birthday. It was organized by students of the class, led by Alicia Depasquale (’16) and Emily Behan (’16). The students brought in snacks like cupcakes, chips, salsa, doughnuts, along with other pastries and treats.

“As soon as [Mundie] told us when her birthday was, Emily and I wrote it in out planners and started figuring out what we wanted to do for her party,” said Depasquale, a ring leader of the event.

The students arranged for principal, Joe Jira, to stall Mundie until they were ready for the surprise. Upon entering, Mundie was presented with a single cupcake lit by a candle and a loud “Happy birthday” from all of her students.

“We wanted to show that we really do appreciate everything that Mrs. Mundie does for us,” said Alex Toma (’16). “I think the surprise party was a really good way to show [our appreciation].”

The party continued with lots of food, socialization, and Christmas music, but came to an end halfway through class when the students needed to take a quiz.