Vandal spray paints multiple areas of campus


Matt Lewis

Gray paint covers the graffiti on the side of the weight room building. The cost to clean up the vandalism was about $5,000.

On Dec. 14, student drivers arrived in the student parking lot and on campus, with an unexpected sight in front of them. The baseball dugout, exterior wall of the weight room, and the lower student parking lot had all been vandalized.
According to an email from Assistant Principal John Billingslea, a student came to Hereford High early in the morning on Sunday, Dec. 14 and proceeded to vandalize the school property with extensive graffiti.
The student, later identified by an anonymous tip, and video surveillance, finally confessed during an interview. After which, the case was referred to the Superintendent’s Designee.
The cost to remove and repair the affected areas is about $5,000.
“I definitely saw [the vandalism],” Dylan Fox (’16) said. I thought it was crude and immature. We are the best public school in the county and definitely the best-funded school, as shown by the brand new parking lot we just got. For someone to just vandalize this lot which we are privileged to have is ungrateful.”
“I did see the vandalism, and it was very crass,” David Rus (’16) said. “I can get behind graffiti that sends a message or can be interpreted as art, but all the images I saw were just childish.”
“I got a glimpse of it when I was walking into school from the track, and I saw pictures on social media,” Sam Rathgeber (’17) said. “I [think] it’s a shame because it reflects poorly on the school even though it was only one student’s actions.”
“I saw pictures of most of it,” Alice Marshall (’18) said. “I thought it was rude and pretty stupid.”