Cleat Grips

After constantly being yelled at by coaches for wearing cleats in the building, and not being able to keep a pair of cleats for more than one season due to walking on abrasive surfaces, Jake Nause (’16), Austin Williams (’16), Andrew Schaefer (16’), and Tom Bartenfelder (’16) came up with Cleat Grips.

Cleat Grips are custom molded plastic with a rubber grip binded to one’s cleats with a Velcro strap. Cleat grips are worn to protect spikes from rough surfaces, like the long walk from the locker room to the stadium that is necessary before every game.

“Cleat Grips can be used for any sports `cleat style, whether it be football, soccer, lacrosse, or even track/cross country spikes,” said Nause.

Every year, 10 – 15 Hereford students participate in Junior Achievement every year. This program gives students an opportunity to create and market a product.

“The Junior Achievement program partnered with a regional accounting firm called SC&H to run a program that allows students to create a product, sell a product, and eventually liquidate at the end,” said Bartenfelder. “This is all done under the guidance of the employees at SC&H, who use their experience in the field to give helpful business advice.”

The process of making the Cleat Grips is quite simple. Nause started off by using moldable plastic beads that are then placed in hot water. The beads melt and are then able to be molded onto any pair of cleats for the perfect fit. Rubber grips are sprayed on and Velcro straps are attached.

Along with making a product, the students also had a great experience with the Junior Achievement program.

“Lots of people have good ideas for inventions or businesses, but to actually go through with it is a cool experience,” said Williams.

The students plan to come up with the final design of the product and sell it at the Cross Country State Championships for the price of $20. They also plan to sell them during Enrichment.

Williams, Schaefer, and Tim Briggs (’17) compose the supply chain and will be responsible for filling orders for custom molds.