Post Prom

post promEven though we just had a school dance, our next one is right around the corner. And it’s a little bit bigger of a deal. That’s prom. With girls probably already scouting out their dresses, everyone is anxiously awaiting its arrival. But, what’s everyone doing after? Parties, going to eat, or sleeping? Post prom? This year, the post prom option won’t be an option.

The decision was made by The Hereford High School PTSA, stating that the decision was made based on “declining student interest in Post Prom, poor attendance, significant cost, and the lack of parent volunteers to organize the event.”Maddy Gibson (‘16).

The lack of support for the Post Prom event is a result of disinterest. After prom, students want to go have fun and, for many, that fun doesn’t involve supervisors and organized activities.

“I’m not into school stuff like that,” Dylan Balcar (‘16) said.

However, for those students who were planning on going to Post Prom, not all hope is lost.

“One of the reasons for taking the vote early in the school year and making this announcement as soon as possible is that we genuinely hope that a group of parents or a local community group will step in and rejuvenate the event,” the PTSA said. They encourage concerned students and parents to attend the next General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 6:30 in the HHS library.