McGriddle on the Menu

One of America’s most popular fast food restaurants has made a huge mistake. McDonalds recently added an “All Day Breakfast” menu, that consists of popular breakfast foods such as bacon, sausage, or hotcakes, but they didn’t keep the famous “McGriddle” on the menu.

My friends and I love McDonalds every once and while. Whenever we are feeling a cheap burger with some fries, we drive up to the local McDonalds in Shrewsbury, and start grubbin’.

Anyone who is familiar with the McDonalds breakfast menu, knows about the McGriddle, a maple syrup-flavored pancake that is made into a sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese. Each bite is like heaven for your taste buds. The soft pancake mixes with the salty crunch of bacon, as the sweet taste of maple syrup satisfies the taste buds. When I found out that McDonalds wasn’t serving the McGriddle on the All Day Breakfast menu, I was furious.

I was looking forward to the all-day breakfast menu. It was an opportunity for me to sleep in and get up around noon and get a McGriddle. The all-day breakfast menu was perfect for me and my friends on a late Saturday morning.

McDonalds has made some questionable decisions in the past, such as hiring illegal immigrants, making workers work on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, or serving “pink slime” chicken nuggets. But the decision to pull the McGriddle from the all-day menu really tops them all. Many people worldwide hate McDonalds, and right now I do, too.

McDonalds and I never had beef until now. McDonalds still wants me to get up early on weekends to buy a McGriddle, which doesn’t seem fair.

McDonalds still serves the McMuffin all day, which is good but is nothing compared to the McGriddle. It’s kind of like Batman and Robin, everyone loves Batman while Robin is kind of this loser no one cares about.

The bottom line is that McDonalds needs to put the McGriddle on the all-day breakfast menu. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not visiting any McDonalds for anything until the McGriddle gets put on the all-day menu.