Freaky Things People Can Do


With Halloween in the air, the theme of freaky and scary ideas are running through the minds of many. Some people in the school can do some very odd things with their body parts. Aleena Pudiak (’17), Dylan Principio (’17), Juan Powell (’17), and Michael Purdie (’18) are four students that can.

Aleena Pudiak’s (’17) elbows are double jointed. She figured this out at a young age in dance class.

“When I put my arms out, they would bend, and my dance instructor would tell me that I had to bend them the other way so I would look like the other girls,” Pudiak said.

She gets various reactions from people who know this about her. She said the most common ones include Ew, Did you break your arm?, and Stop Doing That.

Dylan Principio (’17) can stick his shoulder blades out of his back far enough to crush a can between them. He found this out about two years ago.

“I was just messing around, figured I could pop them out, and started playing around with it,” Principio said.

Unlike Pudiak, Principio said that he shows off his freaky talent whenever the opportunity presents itself. He mainly shows it off when he goes out on the weekends with his friends.

Juan Powell’s (’17) freaky fact isn’t a talent at all. Powell was born with a sixth finger on both hands. He got both fingers removed when he was around three days old, and doesn’t have any recollection of it.

“My parents said that it was just extra skin coming off to the side [of my finger],” he said.

Michael Purdie can bend back his fingers due to loose joints. He also used to be able to dislocate his shoulders but he cannot anymore due to shoulder surgery which he had a few months ago.

“Most people are really freaked out about it though because it’s not something that most people can do. I don’t really want to just randomly show it off to people because it’s weird, but if some people ask me, then I’ll show them,” he said. “Some people just might notice it when I do it in class or something.”

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