Elevators depriving students of class attendance

The new wing has given science teachers opportunities to enhance their students’ education through new lab tables, equipment, and more room to work. Despite these additions, the new wing has suffered its share of problems.  Today elevator testing caused a 15 minute power outage during Period 2.

This morning teachers were informed of a 15 minute power outage that could have disrupted their lesson plans. This outage allowed the construction company to test the elevators.

“[The elevator] is getting inspected today and because it is a new building…we are still getting inspections and it should be working after today,” said Assistant Principal William Brown.

The elevators in the new wing have not worked since school began, so inspectors have been testing them and this caused a power outage today.

“I find the fact that the elevators break all the time to be very annoying because it causes me to be unable to go to my guitar class,” said my sister Lily Wilkinson (’18).

Some kid called me slow and was complaining that I was using the stairs. ”

— Rory Marshall ('17), who is walking with crutches

Science teacher Charles Fluharty teaches in the new wing, but his lesson was not disturbed by the power outage.  “We had already got passed the part of the lesson that used the projector and [students] were in group work,” he said.

Some students worried about another evacuation when they heard Mr. Jira’s voice on the intercom informing the school about the elevator testing.

The new wing caused a 90 minute evacuation last week because of a gas leak. The fire department had to be called to fan out the building and, after their efforts to clear the air, it still smelled of gas in the new cafeteria and in the upper-level science rooms.