Grades announce election victories


Matt Lewis

Sarah Wheatley (’18), Michael Purdie (’18) and Brennan Haines (’16) serve as officers in the student government for the upcoming year. Elections were held after students made speeches during Enrichment.

Student govt pic 3These are the winners of the student government elections.

Class of 2016:

President- Nick Burton-Prately

Vice President- Alicia Depasquale

Historian- Sam Boelens

Secretary- Emily Behan

Treasurer- Brennan Haines

Class of 2017:

President- Jeremey Green

Vice President- Elise Burr

Secretary-Jordan Wilson

Treasurer- Sarah Walker

Class of 2018:

President- Michael Purdie

Vice President- John Talbott

Historian- Sam Schaefer

Secretary- Sarah Wheatley

Treasurer- Josie Baldwin