NEHS members recognized


Imagine what it would be like to have the school’s brightest English minds, best reporters, and most entertaining actors all in one room. That is the outcome when the induction ceremonies took place in the auditorium.

The induction of new members to the National English Honor Society took place on April 27 at 7 pm. Inductees include freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who had to complete certain guidelines to be accepted.

The ceremony consisted of the National English Honor Society, the Quill and Scroll Honor Society, and the International Thespian Society (ITS). The Quill and Scroll represents the publication works like the Harbinger, the Pioneer, and Brillig. The ITS represents the theater arts.

The guidelines to be accepted into the NEHS include an A average in all English courses, a teacher recommendation regarding character and classroom contribution, and enrollment in at least one English elective. Applications were due by April 2.

Besides the requirements, NEHS advisers look for more in a student when deciding who to accept.

“We look for an eagerness and a passion for English and literature of all kinds. Members must be able to express themselves through words and have a desire to share their literary interests with others,” said NEHS adviser and English teacher Sharon Place.

The NEHS has also put on many events this year that have furthered the community. The little free library outside the auditorium along with hosting holiday readings at elementary schools and Hereford’s first annual African American Read-in in support of Black History Month were conducted by the NEHS.

“[NEHS] allows students to give back to their community through service learning and gives them a unique setting in which they can discuss and foster new literary ideas,” said Place.

The NEHS inductees include Megan Alderson (‘1), Danielle Alms (‘1), Natalie Armbruster (‘1), Matthew Auffarth (‘17), Madeline Benn (‘1), Emma Coleman (‘1), Emily Dotterer (‘1), Willow Goode (‘1), Marcy Ledvinka (‘1), Shaina Lee (‘1), Brady McGee (’18), Sarah Wheatly (’18), and Emily Willard (’16).

The Quill and Scroll inductees include Meghan Alderson (‘1), Noelle Funk (‘15), Michael Greenwell (‘1), Maggie Gutberlet (’15), Amanda Hammersla (’15), Alicia Moreira (’15), Morgan Pearce (’15), Emma Reider (’17), Damian Remmell (‘1), Sophie Seaman (’15), and Maddie Turner (’15).

The ITS inductees include Jeremy Bareham (’18), Marguise Burgess (’18), Natalie Johnson (’18), Rachel Hazlett (’18), Emily Kohnlenstein (’18), Kaitlin Rowan (’18), Samantha Williams (’18), Jalin Young (’18), Meredith Bowen (’17), Olivia Clark (’17), Grace Ebacher-Rini (’17), Lupita Espino (’17), Megan Gorsuch (’17), Brandan Iversen (’17), Brianna Jahromi (’17), Sophia Porta (’17), Callie Simon (’17), Laruen Tegeler (’17), Brittany Basham (’16), Cory Bauer (’16), Alan Baumgardner (’16), Kaelyn Blevins (’16), Michael Greenwell (’16), Becca Hobbs (’16), Jen Huston (’16), Rachel Larkin (’16), Christian Magnaterra (’16), Lianna MacDonald (’16), David Rus (’16), Ian Stoner (’16), Nina Bohlmann (’16),Adriana Culotta (’15), and Meagan Murphy (’15).