Honor Roll students rewarded for efforts


In the March issue of the Harbinger, I wrote about how students deserve more than just a lousy ice cream bar for making the Honor Roll. Principle Joe Jira read this article and decided to bring back the bowl of ice cream, but due to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to combat child obesity, Jira’s decision to bring back the ice cream bowls was denied.

“Well I have never really made the Honor Role, but if I did, I’d be pretty salty if I only got a small size ice cream bar,” said Cole Quattrocche (’16).

Students who have made the Honor Roll in previous years are outraged by this.

“We were given an opportunity to get something back for our hard work, in this case, it was ice-cream. The small ice cream bars just aren’t enough,” said Brody Bartell (’15).

“I don’t think having a one day splurge of ice cream is going to throw off your life long nutritional balance,” said English teacher John Raduazzo.