Costumes abound for Super Hero Day


Just another boring day, your alarm clock goes off, you begrudgingly drag yourself from the warm comfort of your bed and begin to get ready for school; however, as you pass through the doors and enter the normally silent halls, you nearly run into none other than Captain America!

Clad in red, white and blue, he flashes you a smile then speeds down the halls to join his fellow Avengers. You look around and realize the school is filled with superheroes! Wonder Woman’s grading tests in Mrs. Stuller’s room, Black Widow is reluctantly sipping from the water fountain, and Bruce Banner struts towards the cafeteria. On May 1 this will become a reality because Hereford will be hosting its very first Superhero’s day!

Over the last few months the PTSA has been discussing having a fun day for the students. After some careful consideration Assistant Principal Connie Dean brought this idea up to the other administrators, having been inspired by Bobby Prado (’15) constantly bringing up his love for superheroes and his excitement for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film, and set this event in motion.

Dean may have made it happen but it is Prado (’15) who inspired the idea and truly brought it into fruition. It is his passion and love for all superheroes that drove this to become an actual sponsored event. Dean said, “This [superhero day] is in honor of Bobby’s graduation.”

For the last few days Dean has been working with Prado (’15) to create posters and an advertisement to go on the morning announcements. He originally wanted it to be new superheroes, but she talked him into broadening the horizon to all heros from every franchise. While this may make some people internally cringe a bit, as we will see Batman and Iron Man walking around in the same universe, Dean is hoping to inspire more people to participate with some variety.

Prado said that he has wanted to do a Superheros day, “ever since [he] saw the movie Iron Man 3 in theatre’s May 2013.” He has also been giving friends and teachers superhero aliases, for instance he has deemed Principal Joe Jira as Doctor Strange.

“He has blown this up to be the biggest day of his life,” Dean said with a wide smile on her face, clearly jovial over the fact that this has brought so much joy into a student’s life. She has sent emails out to the teachers to advertise the event and she is getting positive feedback. Given the success of the superheroes event during Homecoming this isn’t much of a surprise.

Dean is not the only one excited about this, students all over the school are buzzing with excitement to be able to dressed up for a day. One group of eight friends plan to dress as the Avengers on April 30 to see the Age of Ultron premier: Michael Landry (’15), Brandan Iversen (’17), Alan Baumgardner (’16), Jalin Young (’18), Bobby Witt (’15), Lauren Chaney (’17), Kirsten Herman (’15), Jake Rayburn (’15).

“I’m coming dressed as Thor!” Kirsten Herman (’15) said, blue eyes alight with enthusiasm. Though not everyone is as enthusiastic as this group of friends some find it to be a rather tedious event.

“I think that it is a waste of time,” said Danny Bedwell (’15).

However the positive comments far outweigh the negatives.

“I’m excited to wear my superhero onesie with my cape!” Hollis King (’15) said. Not everyone knows what they are going to wear just yet, but they had a few days for planning. Brad Sommers (’15) said “I’ll probably just wear a superhero shirt.”

So on May 1, when you walk into school, will you do so as a boring pedestrian? Or will you put that cape on for just a day to transform into something exciting, into something riveting and make this an event to be remembered?