High schooler’s personalities change over the years

Borderline_Personality_Disorder_(BPD)_Abnormal_Brain_StructuresForm the very research that I have done online is that every single person doesn’t have just one personality they have several personalities.

First thing that I keep finding out is that people will have a different personality depending on what they are doing, for example if a person is at work and they are spontaneous and rowdy and rambunctious, but their boss is very reserved and expects a lot out of you, so the person then must act a certain way in the work area but after they leave then they return to their normal self.

“Also people will actually change their personality without even knowing that it happened and this is natural, it is only unnatural when someone tries to change their personality on purpose, now this is not saying that someone can’t change their personality on purpose but it would be difficult,” said Joshua Jackson Assistant Professor of Psychology.

However, if you are put in a certain situation where you are not comfortable, then your personality will change in order to protect your body from any hurt, it serves as a defense mechanism. In high school people will change themselves on purpose for selfish reasons. For example in order to make more friends, they will change their personality.  

Others will change their main personality because they are unhappy with the person they have become. Also personality changes have been liked to serious things such as depression, which is obvious, considering what comes along with depression is losing interest in things, and mood changes.

Most kids will go through many personality changes as they progress through out school and life. “Most personality changes occur throughout ones adolescent years however, after the main adolescent years but then their personality should remain stable and unchanged for about a couple years or even a decade or so” said Joshua Jackson.

Now it is found that a person could go through as little as ten personality changes in his life, or if the person isn’t stable then they could go through as many as 50 personality changes in an entire lifetime. However, the amount of personality changes depends on that person and it can be influenced by those who they are with their friends, parents, or significant other.

People change their personalities throughout the years and slowly become a little more professional and responsible.

“Another thing that is interesting is that linked to personality changes is a person’s level of maturity that they have” said M. Brent Donnellan is an associate professor of psychology at Michigan state university stated in a magazine article psychology over the years.

However, to go along with all of this information some personality changes it is hard to try to break down a person’s personality for several reasons. A persons personality is very complex it is suggested that every person’s personality is different there can be similar personalities to every person. It is confirmed that every personality is like a strand of DNA very different from that of another strand.