Jamming out with fiction absolute


Fiction Absolute puts on their preformance at the Variety Show. The band preformed “Holiday” by Green Day and their original song “Lost My Way.”


Many people around the world listen to music, but the band Fiction Absolute hits home with their alternative-rock music. The members of the band have been playing together for five months, but their debut at the Variety Show sparked the attention of many.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised once they started,” said Nina Bohlmanm (’15).

The band started in September. The band members include lead vocalist Matt Ryan (’18), guitarist Konrad Shire (’18), bass guitarist Carter Hammersla (’18), and drummer Alex Cave (’18).

“[We] realized we could all play instruments, and we all had an interest in it, so we just decided it would be fun to make some music,” said Konrad.

The original band was just Carter, Alex, and their friend John Smith. John didn’t contribute much to the band, so he left. Alex asked Konrad if he wanted to be in the band and he said yes.

Matt joined the band only about a month prior to their first performance.

“We texted [Matt] and asked him if he could sing, he said yes, so he’s in our band now,” said Carter.

“I think the lead singer isn’t in any chorus or even music class here and I was really surprised by his voice,” said Britton Townsley (’17), who saw them perform at the Variety Show.

At the Variety Show, Fiction Absolute performed “Holiday” by Green Day, as well as their first original song, “Lost My Way.”

“I was impressed for them writing [the song] themselves,” said Britton.

“[The song writing process] is kind of hard. I mean, you have to think about something to write about, and then you have to fit the lyrics into the tune you want to make it to,” said Matt.

The band’s practices vary, but recently they have been practicing at least one to two times a week. They practice two to three hours at home apart from when they play together.

“They got up there and they’re all small underclassmen and yet they knew what they were doing and could actually play,” said Nina.

“We work pretty well together; none of us really argue with each other,” said Alex. On the contrary, Carter said that he and Konrad argue frequently.

“Sometimes we argue, but it lasts about 30 seconds and then we’re good,” said Matt.

The musicians said that they don’t get too nervous and when preparing for the show.

“I kind of just like, do it you know? I mean I guess I stretch out before the show,” said Matt. “I get nervous a little bit before the show, but once I see everyone out there, it’s pretty cool.”

“They had a very strong performance; professional quality,” said David Stickles (’18).

Many in the audience believed that the band showed a significant amount of originality.

“My favorite part was when Carter started jumping up and down with his guitar,” said Britton.

All of the band members said that they hope to continue music in the future. The band members said that throughout their experience as a band, they have all become closer friends and hope to keep playing together.

“If they were dedicated enough, I think they could really go places,” said David.