If the shoe fits wear it


Shoes describe everything about a person. The more expensive the shoe, most likely that person makes a lot of money. If the shoes are more on the less expensive side then maybe not so much.

Shoes also determine a person’s outfit. For example, if a girl wears Uggs she most likely will wear either leggings, sweater and infinity scarf, or sweat pants and a sweatshirt, or something along those lines.

But Uggs are not the only shoe out there or most commonly worn. In a survey of a class of every grade vans where voted the most commonly worn shoe. Just beating Uggs by two votes.

Shoes not only determine your outfit, they determine your confidence level, or attitude for the day.

There are some women in this world, who can pull off any outfit. And shoes are a big part of their style. Whether it be stilettos and that little black dress that gives every woman that “I’m-on-top-of-the-world” feeling.

Or if you went out over the weekend and you bought these awesome kicks to go with the new jeans and band t-shirt you bought. But when you get to school that Monday you suddenly feel self-conscious and that everyone is watching you; judging your style choice.

Then you realize that the people the halls aren’t really watching you, they simply noticed that your shoes are new; not worn in yet. Then you go back to feeling confident again and you walk with that spring in your step that tells everyone that you’re happy with yourself.

But girls aren’t the only ones who like shoes. Guys like shoes just as much. Guys, like girls, have that one pair of shoes in their closet that goes with everything. But those may not be the only shoes they own. Many guys have their favorite pair that they wear every day, and another pair for work.

Whatever brand you wear or however many pairs you have, one thing is for sure shoes are everything.