Spring into love


When it comes to a first date, dinner and a movie in Hunt Valley is the go-to. So here are some ideas to spice up your Friday night.

Liam Fox (‘18) and Carson Violanti (‘18) had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and saw a movie on their first date. It must have worked for them; they’ve been dating two years now.

This seems to be the classic date for most high school students, but something different might make a big impression.

“I guess my idea of a good first date would probably be … having like a picnic on the beach, and then going for like walks on the beach when it’s like sunset, that would be pretty awesome,” said Abby Spurrier (‘17).

Although picnics on the beach may sound nice most high school students usually don’t have access to that. But the majority of us do have access to the Gunpowder River. Anyone can access the river, as long as it’s public property. so grab the picnic basket.

If you “dinner and a movie” people are looking for more ideas, here are some tips to switch it up for Spring. And if you are on a budget, these won’t break the wallet.

  • Thrift store shopping: Set a limit for yourself and go take your Grandpa’s style
  • Orioles game: The season begins April 5. Students get in for $5 with ID on Friday nights.
  • Driving Range or Putt-Putt: Play a friendly round or show off your real skills at the range.
  • Horse show or go horseback riding: Around here, are a lot of farms that offer horseback riding.
  • Tubing: Tubes can be rented near the NCR Trail, beyond that the water is free.
  • Walking on the NCR Trail: The NCR Trail is accessible from multiple locations around town.
  • Fishing: Although it’s wrong to look at the other fish in the sea, pick up the rod and find some worms.
  • Ladew Topiary Gardens and House: The 22-acre nature walk opens Apr. 1. Admission is $18 and includes the live music series.

On a first date, it may still be good to have a safety net for that night out.

“I would take her out to the movies because you don’t have to talk to her and it won’t be awkward if like you don’t have anything to talk about, you can kind of just watch the movie,” said Pete Wickiser (’17).

Alright, so sometimes going to the movies can save the date from some situations. Make the call.