Lucy the goat has false pregnancy

The Ag Department’s goat, Lucy, whom you have seen during the “Kiss the goat” contest, expected to have a litter of kids. Normally, goats have between one and three kids in their litters and Lucy is expected to have two.

Over the summer, she was housed at John Schwatka’s (’15) house which is where she was bred by one of his billy goats.

“I’m really not sure [why she hasn’t birthed yet].” said John “She should have had them by now, she was bred.”

Lucy was brought back to the school in September so the Animal and Vet Science classes could observe her while she progressed. Lucy has now been moved to Ag teacher Christopher Davis’ house due to the cold and so he can keep an eye on her if she starts to deliver her kids while we are not in school.

While Lucy has not delivered her kids yet, making her now over on her due-date, she is said to be pregnant, not just fat. In the beginning, there was much debate over her due-date and after she passed the first one, the department thought that maybe she was not carrying a litter.

“I am very disappointed in [Lucy’s] progress,” said Davis “she was showing signs like having a larger belly and not wanting people near her.”

Davis saw kicking on Lucy’s side and deemed her pregnant after telling the students in his Animal Science and Vet Science classes that she may not be.

Lucy, now having past the last due date that Davis had calculated may not still be carrying her kids. She should have delivered her kids but, since she has not, the kids may no longer be living but are still inside her.

“I hope she’s still going to have them alive,” said Ashley Treadwell (’15) “but if not, we will always be able to try again for next year.”

“They were either born in the field and something got them or she miscarried by this point, being overdue in her pregnancy,” said Davis.

Lucy is now at a student’s house, hopefully getting bred again for next year. Better luck next time, Lucy!

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