Gym classes play soccer

Coach Walter’s period five gym class gathers in the gym for a friendly game of soccer on Dec. 17. For the teams to get a point, they had to kick the ball towards their goal, which was the wall, and get it past the goalies lower than a stripe painted on the wall.

 Before the soccer game started, the class- mainly freshmen with a couple of sophomores and few upperclassmen- walked up to the turf to run a lap around the track to get in a good warm-up.

 After their warm-up lap, Coach Walter chose two girls for the team captains and they divided into teams- gray against purple. Music started playing and the game began.

With about six goalies per team and seven people playing, they were switching after about 3 minutes so everyone had a chance to run around and then a chance to rest and try to block the shots coming towards them. “I think it’s pretty fun because you just get like everywhere,” said Peyton Martino (‘18).