Tech class designs drone for competition

In advanced Tech class, Josh Weiss (’15), Will Hupfelt (’16), Verionque Nedeau (’16), Jacob Rhein (’15), and James Larimore (’15), are building a remote controled drone, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

UAV’s are very promising in the advancements in technology. Now, they are being developed in the department of agriculture to spread fertilizer evenly and aviod wasting fertilizer on crops that don’t need it.

The team here at Hereford hopes to take an aerial picture of the school once the drone is completed, but they are a ways away from the drone being functional.

Ms. Nedeau, (Verionque Nedeau’s mother), mentors the team on their progress with the drone. She says that her job is to find the problems with the drone, but she doesn’t tell the team where the problems are, because it helps them learn if they are able to find them on their own.

The team will enter into the 13th Annual Student Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS) Competition from June 17 through June 22. Originally they were bulding the drone as a learning opportunity, but now with the competition, they have a goal to reach.

This competition consists of the drone picking up an eggshell that has been filled with flour, and dropping the egg on a bulls eye. The teams are scored in their success of how close to the bulls eye the egg lands.

Another section of the advanced tech class is working on a new software called V-CarvePro. This software allows you to make designs in 3D. These designs will be transferred to a new piece of equiptment called a Shop Bot, that instead of printing in 3D, carves designs out of wood.

John Michael Sietz and Malcom Johnston were setting up the machine for the first time today.