Our view: Eligible teens should not forfeit right

After every televised debate, many students are fired up; they are ready to spew their opinion to anyone who will listen. People complain and moan about what is happening in politics but when Election Day rolls around; they find themselves avoiding the polls at every chance. “My vote won’t count,” they groan, “and I have so much else to do.” They will tell themselves whatever it takes to justify the simple fact: they are too lazy to go out and vote.

It is more than the right of a citizen to vote; it is their duty. Complaining about an issue will not get one anywhere. People need to do more; they need to let their voice be heard. Citizens cannot rightfully complain about an issue if they failed to do anything to try and make a change.  Whining about an issue won’t help solve the problem.

Some students don’t take time to learn the issues. Each registered voter is mailed a sample ballot. Students should take the time to review this and come to the polling place.

There are numerous reasons to vote and young people who are of age need to recognize it is their responsibility to vote. One of the most important of those is for young people. They need to understand that they will be affected by the outcome of the elections for a longer amount of time then any of their elders. The decisions made by politicians today affect future and, there is no reason a person should not want to have a say in this future.

Voting makes everyone seemingly equal since everyone’s vote holds the same value. No one vote counts more then another, for possibly the first time in a young person’s life, their opinion will matter just as much as their parents, their teachers, their bosses; no matter who it is, they all hold the same weight.

Students need to realize that their vote does count. They can help to make a change. But, they can only do so if they choose to actually do something-vote. They must take it upon themselves to let their voice be heard. It is not hard to register to vote, for a few easy steps check out page 6. Once a citizen registers, all that’s left is to go to the polling place. Then, one is on their way to successfully letting their voice be heard.