Soccer team scores goals and girls, football team falls flat

Khakis: $50. White button down: $40. Maroon and gold tie: $30. Looking great on game-day: priceless.

But with Ric Evans as new head coach, the Hereford football team has welcomed new game-day traditions, including wearing jerseys to school instead of their previous dressy attire. However, the reigning MPSSAA Boys Varsity Soccer State champions continue to dress up every game day.

But some students feel wearing game jerseys better represent their team.

“When [the football team] wear[s] their Hereford jerseys, it represents more of a team aspect,” said Mia Navarro (’16).

Contrary to Mia’s stance, other students believe the professional appeal of the soccer team’s attire is a token to the serious attitude they bring to the field.

Midfielder Jaxon Frasier (’15) does not mind dressing up, “I enjoy looking nice, and wearing all the spiffy clothes,” he said.

“It’s classier and gets everyone excited when they wear their dress attire,” said Caroline May (’15).

Meanwhile on the football field…

“[Coach Evans] is trying to start his own thing,” said quarter-back Gabe Ceribelli (’15). “Everything is a little different this year.”

“It’s not about the looks; it’s about the performance,” said running-back Jamal Cody (’15).


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