Administration and PTSA organize Orioles rally

                Football season is finally here, but Ravens spirit isn’t the only big buzz in Baltimore right now. As October rolls around, the Orioles are still on their run for their first World Series win since 1983, and Hereford is behind the team. To get ready for a great post-season, Acting Principal Joe Jira and the Hereford PTSA hosted an Orioles rally in the gymnasium during Enrichment on October 2 to go accompany the school-wide Orioles spirit day.

                “It’s all about showing spirit and celebrating the divisional play off,” said Jira.

                The Orioles have faced a few setbacks throughout the season. Matt Wieters’ Tommy John surgery cut his season short and Chris Davis was suspended 25 games due to his usage of amphetamines, but the school-sponsored event takes Hereford student’s minds off of these setbacks.

                “I think it’s really great that Hereford is recognizing how great the Orioles are doing this year, and it boosts the spirits of all the students in the school,” said Emily Willard (’16).

                The rally had a large turn out, with hundreds of students flocking the gym to cheer for the Orioles while eating some  ice cream offered by the PTSA.

                Aside from the event in the gym, the halls of Hereford have never been so orange.

                “There’s so much orange and black everywhere,” said Max Trifillis (’15).

                Teachers and students alike threw on their favorite Orioles gear to represent their team, some teachers wearing gear donated by a Hereford parent who also supplied the school with other Orioles novelities.

               If this really is the year the O’s win the World Series, Hereford High will certainly remember it for years to come.

                “If they win a World Series, you guys will be able to look back at this and it’ll be good memories,” said Brett Baier, soccer and wrestling coach.