Coaching changes cause conflicts


Jd Woods (right) and Cameron Yeager (left) face Eastern Tech in a doubles match. The team carried on after an unexpected loss of players after a strife with the new coach Mr. Grace.

Badminton birdies fly high as the team takes on the new season and a new coach. Art teacher, Mr. Grace replaced Mr. Radazzo as the new head coach.

Mr. Grace got into got into Badminton from coaching volleyball at Overlea High School.

“I only knew the cookout version prior, but I fell in love with the high intensity of the game,” said Mr. Grace. “I’m having a great time and it’s great working with enthusiastic, talented players.”

Students adapted to the new coach and captured a promising win for their first match against Franklin, but lost their last three games.

“We played our hardest teams early on, so hopefully we will add to our wins as we move on in the season,” said Holly Watson. “It’s been a bit different because the new coach is new for everyone, and that caused some conflicts on the team.”

“…Several members of the team reacted strongly to the coaching change, and doing so they removed themselves from the team,” said an anonymous player. “It’s their loss, the Badminton team can still have a great season.”