Students share their opinions on the new planner

By Maddie McGee

     Planners are a crucial part of being organized. They provide a spot to write everything from homework assignments to a best friend’s birthday. Using planners is routine for the majority of students who would be lost without them. So when the new planner was unveiled for this year, students were trying to keep a state of equanimity. However, that was hard for Kalliopi Somis (10). “It’s trying too hard to be a metaphor,” she said about the image of dirt on the cover. “I understand what it’s trying to say, I just feel that dirt shouldn’t have been what represented change for Hereford.”

     The prospect of a student-designed cover is exciting, because students get to have a say on something that they use every day. Designed by former student Nick Champion and featuring previous student Chandler Fogarty, the planner features two photos posed near the new water tower.

     The planner outcry has been centered on the cover model. “It’s a random person that I don’t know,” said Morgan Iachini (10). Perhaps if the planner model still attended this school, people would be more open to having her on the cover. Or maybe the planner should stay more anonymous. Some students don’t want to carry around what is essentially a book with another student’s face on it.

     The design could showcase other things around the school that are uniquely Hereford. Featuring the new water tower was a good idea, but there are many other aspects of the school that could be included in the design.

     The art does not represent anything that we actually do here. There is no mention of our winning sports teams, our stellar students or our fantastic drama program. We’re the only school in Maryland with an agriculture program, so why not include that in the design? “It’s not even in our colors,” said Morgan. “I mean they could have included some maroon and gold somewhere.”

     Another question that comes up with the planner debate is whether students could design and submit an idea for the cover of the planner. I understand that the art department probably asked a student who they knew was reliable and could turn out a good product to design this year’s cover. The student who designs the cover should actually attend this school. However, if students are going to complain, then maybe a contest could be held and become a new tradition. If the art teachers are open to it, then a contest should happen.

     Taking the idea of a contest even further, maybe there could be a school-wide vote on Edline, similar to class elections. If the students have the ability to vote, then they wouldn’t whine so much if the one they liked didn’t get chosen. Having a planner contest would allow more people to be able to see the artwork that Hereford students can produce.