Are students becoming lazier and lazier?

We’ve all probably heard about or read reports on the amount of homework students have to do and how it affects our stress. Many kids have seemed to pile on to the bandwagon in hopes that they can receive less homework. While I do agree that two to three hours of homework is too much, I just think that a high percentage of students don’t have enough homework to complain about.

I am not currently taking any AP classes, but if I did all of my homework every night, I would have no more than an average of 45 minutes of homework a night. This amount of homework is definitely not stressful. I feel that the amount of homework hasn’t really increased over the years, and that the only people that should be excessively complaining about homework and stress are kids that are taking three or four AP classes at a time.

“I believe there is way too much homework that students are being subjected to, but I wouldn’t know, as I don’t do my homework,” said Max Barton (11), who is taking four AP classes.

U.S. History teacher Robert Comber said that some students “get in over their heads,” but that “most students aren’t doing too much work.”

It seems that some people do get in over their heads in courses with a lot of work. I suggest thinking about how much free time you will want to have when picking your classes.