The summer may be hot, but it’s still chilly at Just Chillin’ snowball stand

Sitting in math class, staring at the ticking clock’s big hand as it seems to cling to each number it passes, students feel the seconds unwillingly push on. Seniors have already graduated and are living, at least according to Instagram, in a “summer haze.” Twenty pairs of eyes cling to that same clock, the current master of the universe, urging the end of the day to come faster. But for what? More homework for the same math class that you will be despairing in tomorrow?

Ah, but wait! There’s a place so grand that kids will burst out of those doors and run headlong down York Road. A place so colorful that kids will think they are eating under a rainbow. A place with such great- tasting snowballs that your taste buds will be having a party in your mouth. What’s the name of this place you ask? Just Chillin’ Snowball Stand!

“Brrrrr! Just Chillin’ Snowball Stand sure is cool!” said Amanda Hammersla (11).

Located behind the Exxon Station and before the Mount Carmel Park ‘n’ Ride, Just Chillin’ Snowball Stand is open from 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM during the school year and 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM during the summer.

“Customer service is outstanding, choices are magnificent and prices are reasonable,” said math teacher Trish Middleton.

AND with flavors ranging from watermelon to blood orange with marshmallow on top, no one’s snowball appetite will go unsatisfied.

“I’m very excited to go to Just Chillin’ Snowball Stand this summer to try my favorite flavor!” said Jordan Hettleman (9).

With new picnic tables outside to cool down and lounge around, Just Chillin’ Snowball Stand is also a great hang out spot for you and your friends to enjoy some strawberry ice cream!

“[Just Chillin’ Snoball Stand] is the place to go if you’re looking for a tasty snowball,” said John Page (10).