SAT preparation in Hereford High School


Photo by Abby Laporte

The Sat was administered on June 7 at schools all over the county. Kimberly Willard, the Sat Prep teacher, poses with this years Sat prep book.

On June 7, hundreds of students came to Hereford High School in order to take the SAT. Many of these students were taking the SAT for the last time, but for some students, this was their first time.

It’s a well known tradition that in order to get into a United States college, Students must prepare within four years of high school for national tests such as the SAT. Such preparation includes taking SAT classes (if offered in their school), studying independently, and/or to go to a tutoring facility.

Kim Willard, an SAT English teacher, said, “The more times students see the questions, the more comfortable they’re going to feel with it.” She suggests students take the SAT “as many times as they need to.”

To help students get an idea about the SAT, Hereford offers the PSAT to freshmen and sophomores every year and SAT classes as well as a free SAT for juniors.

Kate Bochicchio (9) took the PSAT for the first time and said, “It wasn’t really what I expected. The type of questions and the way they were worded were different then what I was used to.”

Alsia Howard (10) plans on taking the SAT two times and wants to study independently. She said “The PSAT was not too bad but went by way too fast.”

Subhashini Arumugam (11) has taken the SAT twice this year without taking any of the SAT classes and has only studied independently. The first time she took it, she said “The test was a lot longer than I expected.” However, She felt more confident on the second SAT.

“A student’s SAT score isn’t going to improve if the student hasn’t done something.” said Mrs. Willard.