Still In School–Really?


Photo by: Peyton Butt– AP Psychology students watch a film and complete a worksheet relating to things they have learned in class throughout the year.

With finals coming up this week many students are ready to be done with school and move onto summer. However for students with AP classes it seems like school should have been over for a while.

With some students in as many as three or four AP classes it seems like forever since they did any real work. Now there are exceptions for classes like AP English or AP Calculus where work is still done but the overall vibe of the classroom is different.

Maddie Hoover (11) who is in both of those classes said, “We still do work in class and stuff but the teachers are more laid back about assignments.”

Psychology teacher Robert Greenwood said the music projects his students do at the end of the year include a paper and a presentation to the class explaining the students song choices and why they chose the psychology terms they did.

This way the student can still keep up their psychology skills and not be to stressed out since all they’ve done all year is prepare for their AP tests.

“In class we’ve been doing the AP World [History] Olympics which have just been different games relating to world history review,” said Alicia Kozlowski (10).

But we all still have some of those classes where it seems like you haven’t done anything for a week. I mean I know in some of my classes we haven’t done that much for a month, and, while I’m not complaining about not doing real work, getting straight to summer would be nice.

AP Government student AJ Giza (9) said, “There isn’t really a point [to being in school] but it is fun to just sit there and talk to people.”

So why are we really in school? If all we’re going to do in class between early May and the end of the year is sit there, we should really just be exempt from going.