Gym class teaches healthy lifestyle


Photo by Matt Butz

Caroline Peterson (9) shoots a basketball in gym class. Basketball is one of the few activities in which students participate in gym class.

Family values. The greatest game ever invented in the history of gym class. Balls fly across the gym; faces are bruised; bowling pins smack the floor as students scream across half court at each other. Every now and again the rare back flip dodge is executed by a high level player. It’s not dodge ball, it’s Family Values. This is Hereford gym class.

However, gym class is more than just Family Values. Hereford students get a chance to be active and play sports for fun nearly every day because of the gym and weight training classes offered at the school. These classes promote a healthy lifestyle and are taught by teachers who truly want to see students be the best they can be both physically and mentally.

“I just like shooting, it’s really fun,”said Caroline Peterson (9) about her favorite part of the basketball unit in gym class.


Basketball isn’t the only sport that students get the chance to participate in. Badminton, football, volleyball, handball, fitness circuits and much more are all activities that students take part in throughout the year.

“My favorite thing in gym class was handball,” said Kingson Eze (10) “it was fast paced with constant action.”

                Weight training, taught by Coach Turnbaugh, Coach Walter, and Coach Evans, is a class that teaches students proper weight lifting techniques and healthy exercise habits by allowing students to workout everyday under professional supervision. There are different programs that students can follow including the “Bigger Faster Stronger,” “Russian,” and even workouts that college athletes follow which are given to student athletes by their future college coaches. Also, one day per week there is a cardio/game day when students work on running form and cardiovascular exercise, and after running, students play handball, basketball, or “Family Values”, which is a favorite of many students.

                “Having weight training as a class is a good way for athletes to stay in shape, and also for non-athletes to be healthy and active” said Andrew Lipskiy (11).

                “The gym and weight training classes are great because they keep students moving on a daily basis,” said head JV lacrosse coach, John Raduazzo.