Senior Staff Bios

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  • Hi! My name is Amanda Battle, a fourth-year staff member and the current editor-in-chief of the Harbinger. While I’m more than excited to see what the future holds for me at Bucknell University, this goodbye is more bitter than sweet. From late nights, to birthday celebrations, to holiday festivities, I was blessed with a home-away-from-home in room 207 and a family to laugh endlessly with, learn from, and grow with. While I’m leaving the staff as a self-proclaimed coffee addict and with many of Mrs. Stuller’s story-telling mannerisms, a piece of my heart will forever lay within the foundation of this newspaper and the people involved in its transformation. Thank you to the staff for exceeding my expectations every issue, to Mrs. Stuller for being not only our fantastic advisor, but a dear friend of mine, and to the future Harbinger staff for living out the legacy. Next fall I will continue to be involved in journalism at Bucknell while double-majoring in English and political science. Go bison!

  • I have learned so much during my first year on the Harbinger staff. Everyone is so dedicated to producing the paper and they have taught be everything I need to know about publications. I have been able to blend two of my favorite things, writing and dance, for the duration of this year, in addition to learning about other activities and events within the school. Next year, I hope to be involved with journalism at King’s College, in addition to playing lacrosse, dance, and a double major in psychology and neuroscience.

  • I’m Jason Ashwood and this is my first year on the Hereford Harbinger staff. I decided to take this class because I thought it would be fun to be a part of the newspaper staff and to improve my writing skills. I loved how, in the class, we were able to accomplish making awesome papers every month while having a relaxing and laid back environment. It’s helped me to improve my writing skills and has also made me more open to everything that goes on in the school. Next year I’ll be attending High Point University where I’ll be playing lacrosse and hopefully majoring in business.

  • Next year I will be attending the Honors Program at the University of Delaware and majoring in International Business. Working for the Hereford Harbinger, I have learned how to wash cups, fix printers, and be a general bad-a$$. The Hereford Harbinger has also made me a better writer and more neurotic person in general.

  • My time on the Hereford Harbinger staff has been well spent. This was my second year with the newspaper and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Mrs. Stuller brings an energetic vibe and creates a fun atmosphere each day in class. I’ve learned about all aspects of journalism, experiencing the exploration of topics for articles all the way down to the stress of getting the paper to the printer for its deadline. I’m attending Towson University’s Honors College next year where I’ll play lacrosse and most likely study business.

  • Although this was my first year on the staff, I have greatly improved my writing skills and made great friends along the way. I will definitely miss staying late to work on the paper next year. Being around such an entertaining and positive group of people has encouraged me to continue with journalism in the future. I will be attending St. Mary’s College of Maryland in the fall with a major in Global Studies.

  • Hello! My name is Olivia DiVenti. My year as Harbinger staff member was definitely a memorable journey. I made so many new friends and relationships that will last a life time, but above all, this experience made my love for writing grow largely. This year I was able to express my interests in fitness, beauty, and health through journalism. Being a part of this staff has without a doubt influenced my decision to study communications at Rollins College next fall and to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. The skills and experiences I have gained this year on the staff will help me in the near future as I prepare to take on the entertainment industry.

  • I chose newspaper class this year just to fill in empty space in my schedule because I thought it would be straightforward work. Although writing a newspaper requires hard work and dedication, I couldn’t imagine a more energetic and entertaining staff to be a part of. This class taught me basic newspaper editing and how to better my writing skills. My job for the Harbinger is to write miscellaneous articles and create Photoshop works of art. I will be attending the University of South Carolina in spring 2015 to major in advertising and hospitality.

  • Anytime I was in need of a laugh, cry, or cup of coffee, I’ve found myself in Room 207. My time spent on the Harbinger has been some of my favorite moments at Hereford, and I will be so sad to send this final issue to print. Next year I will be attending Towson University and have no idea what I want to major in or do with the rest of my life; all I know is that I will definitely be applying for a position on their campus newspaper!

  • I’m Samantha Janecek and I have been on the Hereford Harbinger staff for two years now. I first got placed into this class by random chance, but it happened to be quite a good mistake. When I first walked into class on the first day, the idea of writing something that the whole school could read freaked me out, but I eventually became okay with this idea. Writing for the Harbinger has improved my writing and has been a very good experience. Next year I will be attending University of South Carolina and plan to use my improved writing skills to my advantage in college.

  • Hi! My name is Layne Litsinger, and I am a first-year staff member and a current staff writer of the Harbinger. Although I have only been a part of the staff for one year, I have greatly enjoyed my time on the staff. Journalism has taught me so many new skills from writing to reporting on topics. I plan on continuing my journalism career at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I will be majoring in multi-platform journalism in the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism. Go terps!

  • Although this was my first year on the staff, I have learned many things about writing and what goes into creating a newspaper. It was sort of a last minute decision to take this class, but I couldn’t imagine my senior year without out it. This class teaches much more than just writing skills, it teaches communication skills, which is very important moving forward in college. It has been an amazing experience being a part of The Harbinger. Next year, I am attending Washington College and majoring in environmental studies. Good luck to the staff of the future!

  • Hi! I’m McKenna Porter, first year staff member on the Hereford Harbinger. And let me tell you, adding journalism to my schedule has been one of the best decisions of my high school career. Spending second period in room 207 has been quite the adventure, full of chaotic fun and craziness. Whether it’s trying to meet last minute deadlines or venturing out to Bill Bateman’s for wing night, journalistic productivity is at an all-time high. I can confidently say that Mrs. Stuller is a fantastic advisor and role model, tying the final knot of the Hereford Harbinger family! From her delicious homemade brownies to her grammatical input, my experience would not have been the same without good ol’ MB! I’m looking forward to staying involved with journalism at University of South Carolina next year, go cocks!

  • Taking journalism was one of the best decisions I made when I signed up for classes senior year. While I was only in journalism for one year, I have learned so many new writing skills and aspects of journalism that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Journalism was always a fun spirited class that made me looks forward to second period A days every day. I will be attending University of California Santa Barbara nest year and plan on majoring in cultural anthropology and minoring in global studies.

  • Although this was my first year on the Harbinger staff, I have become a better writer and made great friends along the way. Mrs. Stuller was an excellent adviser who always made class exciting and entertaining. I strongly recommend this class to any student who loves to write and be involved in their school’s events. I will be attending Middlebury College in the fall and majoring in political science and playing football. I’ll miss everyone on the staff and can’t wait to continue my journalism career in college.

  • I have been the photographer of the Hereford Harbinger for the past few years. It has been a blast and I am extremely grateful for the relationships I have built. Mrs. Stuller is an amazing teacher and a perfect fallback for when a teacher asks “Where have you been?” I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who likes to write, take pictures, or eat popcorn. This fall I will be spending my first year abroad at Florida State University in Valencia, Spain. Thank you Harbinger for all the great memories.

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